Adopted July 2009 by consensus:

Houston911Truth Mission Statement

   The objective of Houston911Truth is to effectively and efficiently concentrate on bringing an honest recognition of the truth of 911 and all of its implications to ordinary or everyday consciousness, especially of those citizens who are inclined to take active measures and who have the capacity to influence those in responsible positions in the major sectors of our society.  Houston911Truth will not entertain any other issues that have the possibility of distracting the members of Houston911Truth from their focus on 911 and the direct implications of 911, in terms of identifying those responsible, their methods of operation, their possible motives and the means by which they are to be brought to justice.

 Houston911Truth Organizational Rules
1.  General rules of order: In deciding its course of action, the organization will follow Robert's Rules Of Order in all of its meetings of members except where, by initially utilizing Robert's Rules Of Order a more expeditious method may temporarily be called for and utilized after a majority vote of the members.
2.  Special rules of order:
a)  When officially adopting position statements about the events of 911 themselves, decisions will be by consensus only. This means that as long as any regular member of Houston911Truth offers a serious objection to the position, it shall not be adopted by the group until the objection is resolved and a consensus has been established, and only under these circumstances will the position become an official position of Houston911Truth.
b)  Where major events are proposed they will only be passed on a 2/3rd's vote in order to gain a greater degree of consensus and thus a more enthusiastic participation.
3.  Membership will be granted to those who, after having read the mission statement and rules of the organization, verbally consent to the objectives of the mission statement and state that they understand the rules and will abide by them.
4.  If it appears that a member is not conforming to the mission and rules of Houston911Truth and, after a hearing before the members to ascertain the facts demonstrates that this is so, his or her membership may be repealed by a majority vote of the members present.
5.  Officers of the organization and the number needed to efficiently carry on the work of the organization at any particular time in the life of the organization will be decided on from time to time. But at the first meeting the initial business will be to select at least one officer to preside over the meetings who will be chosen in the manner prescribed by Robert's Rules Of Order.
6.  All members will be provided with a copy of the mission statement and the rules of the organization.
7.  The mission statement will not be changed but by a 2/3 vote of the members able to respond in a timely manner, whether physically present at a meeting or not and only after advance notice has been given during a regular meeting of the group and published to the membership at least two weeks prior to a subsequent meeting,
8.  The rules may be altered for any given meeting only by a 2/3rds vote of all the members physically present.
9.  Members will communicate by email (all members will be immediately subscribed to the houston911truth listserve). Though names, addresses and telephone numbers of all members will be kept on file they will only be shared with other members when necessary and only with the consent of the individual members. All communication between members will maintain a tone of mutual respect. Differences of opinion about matters on which the organization has not taken an official position will be respected and congenially debated.  All members share responsibility for making Houston911Truth a positive and welcoming environment for other 911 truth activists.